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Our Mission Statement:

Justice Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to combating sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, with a focus on rescue and housing. Our goal is to locate victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, help them get out of their situation and into a safe place, facilitate an environment conducive to healing, and assist them in their transition to independence.

Our Process:

3 R's

- Reach Out

- Relocate

- Rise Up



At Justice Ministries our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Back in 2010, our NGO realized that by working together with government and like minded partners we could overcome the challenges that came with removing victims from sex trafficking much more efficiently, and many years later we have done just that and rescued over 350 people from sex trafficking. Just goes to show what a combined effort can achieve!
We believe every human is created by God and that every individual has the God given right to be free from oppression.Therefore we avail and equip ourselves to respond and go above and beyond to ensure vulnerable people are given all they need to shed their Vulnerability and gain independence and strength.


He gives justice to the oppressed and food to   the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free.                             Psalm 146:7


Our one sentence summary:

Serving victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through outreach, emergency services and transitional care.

We provide:

- 24/7 hotline response for victims

- outreach to vulnerable populations at risk of being exploited or trafficked

- collaboration with government agencies

- Strategic, operational and tactical support to government and non government agencies

- connect victims with available agencies and treatment programs to help facilitate healing and recovery

- emergency services to victims (food, toiletries, physical/mental health services, emergency shelter, transport etc.)

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